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Press Release - In Wake of New Vandalism Pro-Veterans Group Holds Legislature Accountable


Desecration of the Freeport Walk of War Memorial Overnight

Media Contact: David McCallister 813-778-1202 Email:

Tallahassee – The pro-veterans group, Save Their Honor, along with residents of Freeport, Florida are disappointed, dismayed and downright furious about the desecration to the "Walk of War" Memorial that was erected and dedicated on Veterans Day in 2018 and intend to hold the Florida Legislature accountable.

Overnight one of the two bronze guns affixed to the likeness of two soldiers carrying a third injured soldier, was detached and thrown in the woods nearly a half mile from the park.

"This is just another casualty in the war on our veterans and American symbols that has been unfolding since 2015" said Save Their Honor spokesman, David McCallister. "It started with Confederate veteran memorials and quickly expanded to them all" he added. "It is time the Florida Legislature acts to protect and preserve our veteran observances" McCallister said. "We're putting them on notice that those who obstruct protection legislation will be held to account in the future".

Tim Ard, President of the Veterans Park said “A lot of thought and effort has gone in to making this installation one of the most breathtaking south of D.C.” The park, begun in 2010, has been funded by private donations. Those who did this "disrespected the community and most certainly disrespected their country" Ard said.

A 2017 Gravis Marketing Poll showed that an overwhelming number of Floridians supported a State Law to protect Veterans Observances, but the Florida Legislature has not acted during the past two legislative sessions. Rep. Mike Hill and Senator Dennis Baxley filed House Bill 97 and Senate Bill 288 respectively entitled the "Soldiers & Heroes Monument & Memorial Protection Act".

All around our great State and around the Nation, Veterans Memorials have been denied the respect and reverence they deserve. Dozens of incidents of desecration have occurred during this time. Targets include the Purple Heart Monument in Citrus County, the Lake Eola Cenotaph in Orange County, and multiple memorials in Alachua County. Four Purple Heart Memorials in Florida alone have been desecrated. Brad Drake filed a bill in 2017, but it was blocked in the Senate by Senate President Joe Negron and Senator Randolph Bracy. "We blame this desecration on them until appropriate deterrents are in place" McCallister concluded.

Save Their Honor is a coalition of pro-veteran patriotic Floridians who seek to see Florida's war memorials respected and protected from the heartbreaking destruction and vandalism of Florida's veteran's observances. According to the Veterans Administration, roughly 10% of Florida’s population are Veterans and approximately 30% of Florida households include a Veteran. More information:


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