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Blaise Ingoglia Blocks Veterans Bill

Statement from Save Their Honor

Tallahassee - We are saddened to hear that House State Affairs Committee Chairman Blaise Ingoglia refused to agenda HB 1251 in today's meeting, which would have protected veterans memorials in Florida.

Instead Chair Ingoglia prioritized bills on sandboxes and hemp, leaving veterans memorials sitting ducks in the radical left's war on American veterans.

We view this as an engraved invitation to the radical left to march up the Parkway and desecrate all the veterans memorials on Capital Grounds and when finished, march over to the History Museum and desecrate the WWII Memorials there.

This missed opportunity to protect memorials to our veterans and heroes is an epic fail for the 2020 legislature.

Florida claims to be a pro veterans in state but in light of rising veteran suicide rates, Florida continues to allow her more than 400 memorials around the state to be targets for those wuo view them not as memorials but as billboards for social protect.

The good bi-partisan bill offered from both sides of the isle (Senator Victor Torres (D) and Representative Spencer Roach (R)) would have been the least Florida could have done for the spilled blood of her sons and daughters. It is a shame that Blaise Ingoglia, a high ranking official in the Republican Party would prevent the bill from passage

We ask Floridians to remember who is pro-veteran and who is anti-veteran as they cast their future votes.

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