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Dozens of acts of desecration of American Veteran memorials have shocked Floridians and wounded family and friends of those memorialized.  The overwhelming majority of Floridians understand the significance of these memorials and expect Veteran memorials to be protected and preserved.

More than just pieces of stone, these memorials are, in fact, cenotaphs.  They represent gravestone – where no grave exists..or where the grave is in a place far away. Our Memorials are where family and friends can go to pay their respects.  

When public memorials are erected and dedicated, we promise to ‘never forget’.  

Save Their Honor seeks to hold Florida elected officials accountable for keeping our promises. We renew our calls in the 2019 Florida Legislative Session for enactment of a Non-Partisan Pro-Veterans Memorial Protection and Preservation Law in Florida.  

Despite being a pro-Veterans State with Governor, who, himself is a veteran, Florida’s elected officials have been complicit with Anti-Fa and the Radical Left in allowing Veteran Memorials to be weaponized and politicized, and remain ‘sitting ducks’ for attack by Anti-American, Anti-Veteran destruction.

These broken promises send a disturbing message to men and women in service today and those considering it. This must be rectified.

All American Veterans deserve our respect.  

It is time for Florida to do what other states have done.  We must do the right thing and elevate war memorials to their rightful place of respect and honor in the civic landscape.

This the 2018 election year, candidates for office will have the opportunity to go on record in support of keeping our promises by signing the “Never Forget” Pledge to protect and preserve Veterans Memorials in Florida.  

Those who do and those who do not will be publicized to Florida voters.

Sitting members of the legislature will have the opportunity to take the Pledge as well.  Lists will be published here.

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